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Commonwealth Funds Community-Led Crime Prevention Programs

The Hon Michael Keenan MP 

Minister for Justice Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Counter Terrorism 

Since coming to Government, a key focus of the Coalition has been doing everything we can to make our communities safer.

The Coalition’s $50 million Safer Streets Programme is just one way we are achieving this − boosting security nationwide to reduce street crime and violence, which in turn improves community safety.

More than $19 million in funding has already been awarded under Round 1 of the Programme for projects across 150 locations to deliver security enhancements.

Today, the Coalition will build on this commitment by providing $1.3 million to Neighbourhood Watch Australasia under Round Two of the Safer Streets Programme – a vital organisation which brings members of local communities and police together to promote a sense of belonging, encourage connectedness, increase perceptions of safety, and reduce crime.

Neighbourhood Watch Australasia will receive funding to deliver five community-led safety and awareness programs to prevent crime, stop social isolation and increase the safety and security of communities across Australia.

These programs are vital in strengthening the relationship between police and the community, boosting local residents and businesses understanding of crime prevention, and encouraging community engagement in reducing the impacts of anti-social behaviour, street crime and violence in their own towns.

Importantly, the Safer Streets Programme redirects proceeds of crime– money and assets confiscated from criminals − to fund these local crime prevention projects. This means that the crimes of yesterday are helping to prevent the crimes of tomorrow. The previous Labor government had frozen these funds so it could be used to improve its Budget bottom line instead of funding the fight against crime.

The Coalition will use every dollar we can to assist our law enforcement agencies and local communities in the fight against crime.

Safety awareness programs like these are a key part of our commitment to improve community safety and security by reducing street crime, violence and anti-social behaviour, and contributing to greater community resilience.

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