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Around 1 in every 120 Australian homes fall victim to car criminals each year – with a car stolen every 12 minutes, according to research by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC).

Simple mistakes made all too often by owners – such as leaving vehicles unlocked and leaving valuables and personal items in a vehicle – make it too tempting and too easy for thieves.

Another common mistake is owners having car keys too easily accessible. With 7 out of 10 vehicles stolen with their own keys – not by hot-wiring as many may assume – safeguarding your car keys is as important as locking the car. This includes keeping keys somewhere secure (out of sight) inside your home, because once a thief gains access through an unlocked door or window, they can simply take the keys and drive away. In a survey conducted by Budget Direct (2021), it was no surprise to find that most Australians put their car keys somewhere easily accessible, like a hook or flat surface near a door.

Vehicle Safety Community Service Announcement

Neighbourhood Watch Australasia recently created a series of Community Service Announcements (CSAs) to promote awareness of personal safety and security.
Watch this short video on Vehicle Safety.

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