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What is Target Hardening?

The objective of Target Hardening for residential homes is to deter, delay, or minimise the impact of an attack or burglary by strengthening overall security and reducing vulnerabilities. By assessing potential risks, identifying weak points, and implementing effective security measures, you can safeguard your home and loved ones.

$550 Target Hardening Support Offer for Victim of Burglary Households

The Neighbourhood Watch Australasia SAFE (Safer Australia For Everyone) program Target Hardening initiative supports victim of crime households, to help prevent repeat victimisation. The Target Hardening initiative is available to support eligible homes with the purchase costs and/or installation costs of Target Hardening Measures to Enhance Your Home Security. Target Hardening provides simple, cost-effective solutions and improvements that work by increasing property security, while lowering crime opportunity.

500 homes will be eligible for Target Hardening measures, including the installation of locks, sensor lights, security screens, security cameras, plus more.

Eligible households will receive a rebate up to the value of $550 (incl. GST).

To apply for the $550 Target Hardening Support Offer, please complete the Application Form and confirm that you meet all of the criteria before submitting.

Apply before 31 May 2024.