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Neighbourhood Watch Australasia is committed to the security of your information and pledges to follow the terms set out in this privacy policy.

Use of Information Provided by User

Email addresses are only ever provided by the user voluntarily through joining us on the website or via email communications with Neighbourhood Watch Australasia. Note: Email addresses that are entered in the required “email” field in the join us area are not publicly displayed.

We do not use the information provided by users, such as email addresses and contents of emails for any marketing purposes. Your personal information is not used by subsidiary, member organisations or businesses related to Neighbourhood Watch Australasia, unless clearly disclosed for specific situations.

Information Security

We have appropriate security measures in place in our physical facilities and the facilities of our service providers to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from you at our website. Information provided by Neighbourhood Watch Australasia visitors is held in confidence and used for editorial, communication and technical improvements.

Information Ownership

All emails, comments or other forms of communication received by Neighbourhood Watch Australasia are the property of Neighbourhood Watch Australasia and may be used for editorial or technical services and or communication, at our discretion without any form of compensation being owed to the sender of said communications.

Privacy Contact

If you feel that this website is not following this privacy policy you may contact us at admin@nhwa.com.au with your concerns.

The information collected to enable you to join Neighbourhood Watch Australasia remains the property of Neighbourhood Watch Australasia. It will not be shared or sold to any other organisation.


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