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Our Mission

Neighbourhood Watch Australasia will promote community safety by supporting its members through education, awareness and resources, to prevent crime.

Our Vision

Neighbourhood Watch Australasia, in partnership with Neighbourhood Watch member organisations and the Police, will be the leading volunteer community inclusion and crime prevention organisation in Australasia.

Our History

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) programs were introduced to Australian communities by Police in the 1980s.

The logo of the four faces was designed in 1983 by a Victorian volunteer community committee and has become the nationally recognised brand of NHW.

In 2003, NHW conference participants from Australian policing agencies and NHW voluntary associations agreed there would be significant value in establishing a national structure to assist the growth and development of NHW across Australia and New Zealand.

By 2006, Neighbourhood Watch Australasia (NHWA) was established to provide a collaborative approach to the development of resources; training to members; cross-sector information exchange and advocacy for Neighbourhood Watch in Australia and Neighbourhood Support in New Zealand.

The first NHWA Journal was printed in October 2006 and shared information on crime prevention initiatives and events from each of the Neighbourhood Watch and Neighbourhood Support regions.

In 2007 NHWA, as a not for profit organisation, registered as an incorporated association.

In 2010 NHWA established an online presence with the nhwa.com.au website. This continues to be a great point of contact and source of news and information for groups, members, and the general public.

2011 saw the launch of the NHWA Facebook page as a result of the growth of social media.

During 2018 NHWA transitioned from an incorporated association, to a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity.

NHWA’s primary role in 2021 and onwards is to promote the exchange of information and knowledge between communities and Police and to improve community safety, engagement and social inclusion while adhering to COVID-19 restrictions.


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