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Welcome To Western Australia, The Wild, Wild, West

As Bernie nears the end of his first week of riding there is much for him to report back on. The people he has met, the sights he has seen, and the progress he has made while connecting communities throughout Western Australia.

Day Five

As the mercury continues to rise and winds whistles stronger Bernie was granted a moment’s grace with a beautiful and bright early start on Day Five onto Coolgardie, leaving Koora Retreat. His impeccable hosts for the night at Koora Retreat were owners Reverend Dr Anna Killigrew and Reverend Peter Harrison, two practical Anglican priests, chaplains licensed by Perth’s Archbishop. Bernie was incredibly grateful for their hospitality and wonderful food after another long day out on the road.

Day Six

“Making hay while the sun shines”, said Bernie after another early start on his way from Coolgardi to Norseman. Leaving at 6 am Bernie had already made it 20kms south of the town centre by 7 am. Although Bernie’s muscles begin to ache, his speed and pace remain consistent day-by-day.

“The body’s telling me I’ve been on the road for six days, and I’m feeling it a bit. The body is in a bit of a competition. The numb toes on each feet in these shoes, cause the butt is quite sore, and lower back. But I’m managing that and hanging in,” said Bernie. Exhaustion and body aches were always bound to happen on this trip, but the outstanding thing is that Bernie’s spirit remains undeterred. He is still his chipper, happy self as he embraces this once in a lifetime journey!

It’s a big day for Bernie filled with many milestones as he approaches Norseman. This is the town that sets him on his journey along the Nullarbor. What an accomplishment to make it so far within a single week! Over course of Bernie’s Ride To Connect, it is very important for him to acknowledge daily goals and travel milestones to remain focused, high-spirited, and determined to push on.

Norseman is known as the gateway to Western Australia and the Nullarbor. But the town itself is steeped in gold mining history and natural granite attractions.

Day Seven

Today, Bernie rides from Norseman to Fraser Range Station. There is absolutely nothing out there – lifeless, almost, other than Bernie and his bike for the 104km stretch of road. It’s another hot one out there today. Bernie is also being chased by a thunderstorm, making conditions a little more unnerving. He will need to make it to Fraser Range Station in time before the storm sets in. Dark grey clouds are circling overhead (very different to the clear blue sky that Bernie has experienced up until now). And while we hope Bernie doesn’t get too wet, the region could sure use a downpour of rain. Cycling past dried up lakebeds is becoming a common sight for our desert explorer.

As Bernie makes his way across the wild, wild, Western Australia we follow his travels with baited breath.

The next week of riding will be a long stretch for Bernie. Follow along with Bernie from the comfort of your own home. You can see his progress here and stay up-to-date with Bernie via the NHWA Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter – share stories with #journeywithbernie #ridetoconnect2017 #nhwkeepingyousafe.

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