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ingeous studios’ Indigenous Artwork

For the Neighbourhood Watch International Conference in May 2021, Neighbourhood Watch Australasia commissioned Cairns-based ingeous studios, to create a unique Indigenous decal which would feature on a new polo shirt and face mask design.

Created by talented Indigenous digital artist Leigh Harris and his team, the design represents – through contemporary elements – the work of Neighbourhood Watch Australasia and its commitment and understanding to building safe, inclusive, and connected communities throughout Australia.

The centrepiece of the design are three elements which represents Neighbourhood Watch members throughout Australia. These members are each connected by healing waterways which acts to share and connect and make our communities safer and stronger.

The outer elements represent communities throughout Australia that work with Neighbourhood Watch – to bring about change and understanding through their grassroot knowledge and connections to community.

The NHWA polo shirts and face masks are available for purchase at the NHWA Shop

Details depicting the elements of the Indigenous design created for Neighbourhood Watch Australasia by ingeous studios.

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