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$100,000 Community Funding Program to give boost to local communities

The Neighbourhood Watch Australasia (NHWA) Community Funding Program opened for applications today. The $100,000 is being targeted to give a much needed boost and revitalisation to local community Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) groups.

“The NHW program commenced throughout Australia some 25 years ago and this is the first time since its inception it has been able to deliver direct funding like this into the community”, said NHWA President Steve Batterham. The $100,000 Community Funding Program has come from the Proceeds Of Crime Act (POCA) funds awarded to Neighbourhood Watch Australasia by the Federal Government earlier this year. “The face of the community is changing” said Steve Batterham, “but we want to promote the value of neighbours knowing neighbours and all that comes with that sense of belonging to the community.”

“The funding for this year is focused on reinvigorating existing groups and establishing new ones throughout Australia” says NHWA National Manager,Ingrid Stonhill. “Neighbourhood Watch Australasia is the overaching body of Neighbourhood Watch Programs throughout Australia and this is a very tangible way for us to deliever a direct benefit to our local groups”.

The NHWA Community Funding Program allows for local new or existing NHW groups to be working alongside Police or Local Government authorities to problem solve local community safety and crime prevention issues.

“We have particularly focused these funds into grants of no more than $3,000 each. We see this as a way of giving back to communities that may have already been victims of crime or anti social behaviour, or those that care enough about their community to do something about it”, said Steve Batterham.

For full information on how to apply and the criteria you must meet, go to the NHWA website on www.nhwa.com.au and select NHWA Community Funding Program or contact (enter your name here), (enter your position title here), (enter your phone number here.

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