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Neighbourhood Watch Australasia (NHWA) is the overarching organisational body, embracing all Neighbourhood Watch programs in Australia and the Neighbourhood Support program of New Zealand.

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  • bernie-kids-school-police-mildura-aboriginal-artwork-painting

Part 2: Along The Yellow Dirt Road To Mildura

He has done it! What an achievement! Bernie has finally crossed the Victorian border and

  • bernie-kids-bike-mildura

Part 1: Along The Yellow Dirt Road to Mildura

Another milestone has been reached this week after a long and arduous trek into Mildura,

  • japan-tourists-australia-neighbourhood-watch-connect-communities

Introducing Neighbourhood Watch’s New Digital Community

Over the last 21 days the President of Neighbourhood Watch Australasia, Bernie Durkin, has been

  • nutrition-australia-preparation-cycling

Nutritional Needs And Preparation To Avoid Cycle Bonking

Keeping your body fuelled is essential when exercising. However, keeping your body constantly fuelled when

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