About Neigbourhood Watch Australasia

Neigbourhood Watch Australasia is the representative organisation that leads, facilitates and supports the Neighbourhood Watch (Australia) and Neighbourhood Support (New Zealand) goal of creating safer, connected and inclusive communities. We do this by formulating strategies and policies that encourage community participation in building safe and confident communities to reduce the fear of crime and increase feelings of safety in the community.

  • Strengthening our resilience against crime
  • Working together with Police and the community
  • Feeling safer in our homes and within our local communities
  • Making our communities better places to live
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NHW in the commuity

Bringing people together to createsafe, connected and inclusive communities, where people feel empowered, informed, protected and engaged with one another and with local Police.

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News and media

Neighbourhood Watch ‘pedalling’ the message – “We now have an app”

The President of Neighbourhood Watch Australasia is preparing to set off on a gruelling, solo marathon bike ride across the nation to spread the word about a new community safety smart phone app.

WA’s 98five interview NHWA President Bernie Durkin about his upcoming ride.

Jeziel chats to Bernie Durkin about his upcoming ride from Scarbourough Beach to Bondi to

Pedaling The Message Across Australia With NHWConnect

  At Neighbourhood Watch Australasia, we are putting the pedal to the metal to share

Good relationship with neighbours, key to a secured home

This holiday season, many Australians are spending their holidays in different tourist places in Australia or in other countries. But how can the security of you house be guaranteed when you are away on a holiday?

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