Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the NHWA Community Funding Program?

A. The Neighbourhood Watch Australasia Community Funding Program (CFP) has been created to support community initiatives that continue to engage and strengthen local communities in relation to crime prevention and community safety; promote the exchange of information and further build partnerships between the police, local communities and government; enable safer, connected and more inclusive communities.


Q. What can I do in my Community?

A. We would like you to facilitate the development of a community initiative aimed at improving your community safety and reducing and preventing crime and its fear. Through this initiative we would like you to promote community participation and a shared responsibility for community safety through the exchange of information and partnership building between you and your local police.  Addressing the anti-social behaviours or crime in your community with members in your street, neighbourhood or complex can help strengthen your communities’ capacity to creating local solutions for local problems.

A summary of successful Community Funding Projects can be viewed here at the NHWA Project Library..


Q. What are the funding amounts and time periods

A. Funds will be available to a maximum of $3,000 per application for your community to develop and implement community safety and crime prevention initiatives. Funding applications for small grants of under $1000 are encouraged. Your initiative may operate after the one-month funding duration; however, the approved funding will not be provided for more than one month.


Q. Who is eligible to apply to the NHWA Community Funding Program?

A. All applicants must be:

  • From a member jurisdiction of Neighbourhood Watch Australasia OR
  • A NHW incorporated not-for-profit organisation OR
  • An organisation sponsoring an unincorporated NHW not-for-profit organisation OR
  • A Local Government Authority working in partnership with NHW OR
  • A Member on behalf of an Australian Police Force/Service working in partnership with community.


Q. Are there any project/activities that are excluded from funding criteria?

A. Funds will not be provided for:

  • Initiatives/projects that do not have community safety or crime prevention outcomes
  • Projects requiring ongoing funding
  • Projects that duplicate existing projects in the same community which are accessible to the target group
  • General office equipment, such as photocopiers, computers, printers, mobile phones
  • Ordinary operating costs e.g. electricity, rent, telephone, salaries, lease payments
  • General maintenance
  • Travel and conference attendance unrelated to project outcomes
  • Fundraising
  • Projects which are deemed core business of Local Governments or policing