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NHWA launch innovative family violence diagramatic brochures

Community safety is everyone’s responsibility and Family Violence is a community issue that cannot be ignored.

Family Violence continues to be a serious issue to communities and law enforcement agencies throughout Australia. Neighbourhood Watch Australasia have developed two new resources specifically designed to target community members in Australia, where English is not their first language.

The Diagrammatic Brochures are intended to both educate and inform community members that witnessing Family Violence requires action to be taken by reporting to Police and that Family Violence is not acceptable in any form. The brochures are specifically designed to share information through visual learning.

The first, NHWA “Behind Closed Doors: Family violence is a community issue” is DL sized and through a series of diagrammatic pictures, illustrates a community member witnessing a Family Violence disturbance and that the community member has a responsibility to report what has been witnessed. The pictures then show the actions and outcomes that take place after that disturbance.

The second, NHWA “Behind closed doors: Family violence is a community issue” is a smaller pocket size version, designed to be more discretely held in a purse or pocket. The pictures depict a woman experiencing Family Violence and actions she can take to become safe. Both brochures provide the emergency and non urgent police assistance telephone numbers, as well as listing a series of important agency numbers where community members and victims can seek advice or get help for Family Violence issues. The brochures will be distributed to community members through Neighbourhood Watch networks, Police and other related agencies.

“Our organisation aims to create safer, connected and inclusive communities. It is important that our safety messaging is able to reach all our community members, including those new to Australia” said CEO Ingrid Stonhill. “Whilst we will be producing a range of diagrammatic safety messaging we decided to tackle this difficult, but very important, community issue first”.

The main purpose for the development of this new NHWA diagrammatic resource is to make sure that all community members are aware that ignoring Family Violence in your neighbourhood or community is not an option. It also reinforces to victims that help is available. Reporting this type of crime can be a new or difficult process for some community members. However, it is important that everyone understands that community safety is everyone’s responsibility and that reporting incidents of Family Violence may actually save a life.

“NHWA has a vital role to play to ensure the consistency of community safety messaging across all Australian communities”, said NHWA President Patricia Leary, “whilst tackling a difficult subject it is important we extend our reach into our communities and this is an innovative approach to achieve that “.

The diagrammatic brochure has been developed by NHWA in conjunction with experts in the field based in Victoria. Consultation took place across all policing and NHW jurisdictions. The diagrammatic brochures are produced to suit the individual needs of all jurisdictions.

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