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Mastering the Basics of Facebook

Michelle McGuire

Social media consultant Michelle McGuire has created an 8-part training series on ‘Mastering the Basics of Facebook’. From creating a profile or group, to setting up a business page, to planning your Facebook posts and more, this easy-to-follow series will benefit individuals, groups and business owners.

Course Overview

We all know and love Facebook, right?

But Facebook for business use is very different to Facebook for personal use. We have goals and targets to achieve and board members and audience to consider, so how do we make the impact we want and keep everyone happy at the same time?

This training will guide you through the maze of conflicting information and overwhelm. You’ll get just what you need to know to get started using Facebook for business.

Module 1: The Basics

In this first module, Michelle explains the ins and outs of profiles, pages and groups.

Module 2: Do I Need a Facebook Business Page?

Learn how to set up a new Facebook page and how this can benefit your community group or business.

Module 3: Do I Need a Facebook Group?

An easy guide to setting up a new Facebook Group.

Module 4: Conversing With Your Audience

Michelle advises on how to create engaging posts and promoting interaction with your audience.

Module 5: Facebook Numbers You Need to Know.

Learn how to monitor your posts and understand what content your audience is responding well to – to make the most of your Facebook page.

Module 6: Increasing Engagement on Facebook

Michelle explains what it is to ‘boost’ (promote) a post and why this might be a useful for your organisation or business.

Module 7: Save Time & Increase Productivity

Easy ways to enhance your Facebook experience; create eye-catching posts that will gain more interest from your audience and learn how to schedule posts.

Module 8: Planning For Success

In this final module, Michelle talks through the elements of a successful social media plan, and how to get the most out of your Facebook page or group.

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