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Neighbourhood Watch Australasia is pleased to announce that as of May 2019, Commissioner Michael Fuller from the New South Wales Police Force (NSWPF) became Joint-Patron. The NSWPF has worked closely with Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) in NSW for over 30 years as well as supported Neighbourhood Watch Australasia (NHWA). The Commissioner’s objective is to continue achieving positive outcomes for communities through the implementation of programs and awareness-raising activities in collaboration with NHWA.

The Youth and Crime Prevention Command will continue to assist the NHW programs in NSW and provide operational support and advice to crime prevention officers who implement and support local crime prevention programs and projects.

He is also involved in a variety of programs and activities within the community including a program he developed called RISEUP. The aim of the strategy is to assist disengaged young people in connecting to workplace opportunities. RISEUP incorporates job-ready programs, mentoring and vocational training for at-risk youth aged between 15 and 18 to build their engagement with education, employment opportunities and the community.

The primary focus is to return young people into the education system; however, it is appreciated that there are youth who are less likely to return and would benefit more from assistance to facilitate them into employment.

Commissioner Fuller joined the NSW Police Force in 1987. He performed general duties and criminal investigation duties in various metropolitan stations and specialist investigative areas.

In 2002 Commissioner Fuller was promoted to the rank of Inspector and performed the roles of Duty Officer, Crime Manager and TAG Commander. Subsequently he was promoted to Superintendent in 2004 and worked in a number of positions including as Local Area Commander in the City Central LAC. He was also involved in the planning and operations of APEC in 2007 and World Youth Day in 2008. He gained experience in the Police Executive Offices as Staff Officer to the Deputy Commissioner Field Operations in 2007 and 2008.

In 2010 Commissioner Fuller was appointed to the position of Assistant Commissioner, Region Commander, Southern Region. He was subsequently appointed to the positions of Assistant Commissioner, Commander, Professional Standards Command and then to the position of Assistant Commissioner, Commander, Central Metropolitan Region. Commissioner Fuller was also the Corporate Spokesperson for Family and Domestic Violence. He also has experience acting in the positions of Deputy Commissioners Field Operations and Corporate Services.

Commissioner Fuller received the Australian Police Medal in 2009.

He holds a Graduate Diploma of Executive Leadership, and Diploma of Applied Policing and a number of diplomas and certificates in leadership and management.

Commissioner Fuller is married with 4 children.


  • 1987 Kogarah General Duties/ Investigations
  • 1992 City of Sydney Investigations; designated Detective 1993
  • 1994 Crime Task Forces, Criminal Investigation
  • 2000 Kings Cross, Detective Sergeant, Criminal Investigation
  • 2002 Eastern Beaches, Inspector Duty Officer
  • 2003 Ashfield Target Action Group
  • 2004 Greater Metropolitan Region, Superintendent Operations Manager
  • 2007 Staff Officer, Deputy Commissioner, Field Operations
  • 2008 Eastern Suburbs, Local Area Commander
  • 2009 City Central, Local Area Commander
  • 2010 Assistant Commissioner, Commander Southern Region
  • 2013 Assistant Commissioner, Commander Professional Standards
  • 2014 Assistant Commissioner, Commander Central Metropolitan Region
  • 2017 Commissioner of Police


  • 2004 National Medal
  • 2004 NSW Police Medal
  • 2004 1st clasp to NSW Police Medal

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