The history of Neighbourhood Watch Australasia

At a Neighbourhood Watch Conference, held in Darwin in 2003, participants identified and agreed that there was significant value in forming a National Governance structure to assist the growth and development of Neighbourhood Watch. It was adopted that a Neighbourhood Watch National Secretariat be formed and each year the Secretariat will be based in the State or Territory hosting the National Conference.

From that initiative, Neighbourhood Watch has gradually emerged to be a strong, supportive group with police and community volunteers working together. Since its inception Neighbourhood Watch Australasia has evolved to become a strong Australasian group ready to take the challenge of working together for the benefit of the Australasian community to reduce crime, engage with and foster safe communities.

This has not been achieved by any one person alone but by a group of committed community volunteers and police staff from all States, Territories and New Zealand. By working as one, this has allowed Neighbourhood Watch Australasia to be born as a constituted (2006), incorporated association (2006).

Founding National Executive and past members

It is important to acknowledge the work and commitment of the founding National Executive and past members. The foundations they laid will help us develop a strong, unified Australasia approach to fostering safe communities.

National Executive 2006 to present


2005-2007 Mr Ken Mildred (Northern Territory)
2007-2011 Inspector Therese Walsh (Victoria)
2011-2013 Senior Sergeant Stephen Batterham (Queensland)
2013-2015 Honourable Patricia Leary (Tasmania )
2015- Mr Bernie Durkin (Western Australia)

Vice President:

2006-2008 Chief Inspector Bill Prior (South Australia)
2008-2011 Inspector Carey Griffiths (New Zealand)
2011-2015 Mr Bernie Durkin (Western Australia)
2015- Mrs Clare McGrath (Australian Capital Territory)


2006-2008 Mrs Ursula Macdermott (Australian Capital Territory)
2008-2011 Mr Terry Harbour (South Australia)
2011-2013 Ms Gill Metz (Victoria)
2013- Mrs Margaret Pearson (Australian Capital Territory)


2006-2011 Mrs Ingrid Stonhill (New Zealand/Queensland)
2011- Mrs Margaret Pearson (Australian Capital Territory)

Executive Officer

2006-2007 Mr Peter Driver (Victoria)
2007-2008 Chief Inspector Bill Prior (South Australia)
2008-2013 Senior Sergeant David Wardrop (South Australia) position discontinued in 2013

The Public Officer

2006-2008 Ms Katherine Murphy (Australian Capital Territory)
2008-2017 Mrs Ursula Macdermott (Australian Capital Territory)
2017-2018 Mrs Judy Webster (Australian Capital Territory)
2018- Ms Maria Bennett (Queensland)

Secretariat Officer

2007-2008 Senior Sergeant David Wardrop (South Australia)
2008-2011 Senior Sergeant Stephen Batterham (Queensland) position discontinued in 2011

National Manager/Chief Executive Officer

2011-2017 Mrs Ingrid Stonhill (Queensland)

Chief Executive Officer

2017- Ms Maria Bennett (Queensland)