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Enabling Safer, Connected and Inclusive communities

NHWA Strategic Plan 2016 – 2018
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At a strategic level, Neighbourhood Watch Australasia (NHWA) is a collaboration of like minded community and police professionals, involved in similar activities and linked in a common mission of enabling safer, connected and inclusive communities, through the auspices of Neighbourhood Watch/Support programs.

At a community level NHWA strives to achieve an enhanced knowledge based focus built on an information sharing model, which is a significant component to effective community policing and community engagement. This is done by the continual building of police and community partnerships for community engagement through the development and implementation of localised strategies and initiatives.

NHWA through a culture of collaboration with its member jurisdictions will provide examples of best practice resources and project models based on research, experience and knowledge. These best practice resources will provide opportunities for each jurisdiction to decide on adoption, adaption and implementation as required.

The benefits of NHWA

  • Better Business Sense: The Federal Government Funding has been awarded to NHWA based on a collaboration model. It makes better business sense for NHWA as a collective to initiate the research and development of NHW community safety an crime prevention programs and projects. Whilst setting a sector standard, it also alleviates duplication and creates an advantage through economy of scale for the adoption, production and implementation across Australia.
  • Better Outcomes: Front line community engagement police officers are facing a multitude of issues. Access to NHWA information can lead to better business and community engagement outcomes. Collectively NHWA can bring more resources to bear in relation to community safety, crime prevention and organisational identified issues. The collaborative culture lends itself to greater oversight of programs and projects.
  • Better Ideas: Each policing jurisdiction across Australasia is facing similar community engagement issues within similar community safety and crime prevention arenas. NHWA has a diverse membership which allows the application of different skills to address a similar problem, producing a more effective solution than perhaps one jurisdiction working alone. No one idea is totally new; by sharing knowledge and experience an idea can be further enhanced therefore improving delivery to a high and timely standard.
  • Efficiency: A collaborative approach to the development and implementation of localised strategies and initiatives can result in the saving of valuable time and money therefore increasing efficiency. It can also reduce stress levels of community engagement officers.
  • Mutual support: Community Engagement is demanding and stressful and can require a range of approaches. NHWA member jurisdictions are supportive of one another because they recognise, understand and acknowledge the environment within which they work. Access to project information sourced from within NHW groups can provide valuable insight. Through mutual support NHWA offers encouragement to achieve goals that may not be realised individually.
  • Sense of Accomplishment: NHWA believes working collaboratively is vital to the success of the organisation. To be successful members need to be diverse, understand their environment and be able to work towards the NHWA defined goals. There is often a greater sense of accomplishment when these goals are achieved collectively.